Track Your Lost Android Device within Minutes

27 April 2015

San Antonio: All of us will have faced this problem at some point of time i.e. losing our mobile devices. It might be at home, in the car or sometimes in a public place. All that we do is search for some time and end up with the disappointment when we don’t find it. Now, you don’t have to worry about tracking the lost Android device as you can rely upon Google for assistance. A new feature which was released recently helps you in tracking your Android device using Google search on your PC.

Here's how it works:

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that you have logged in to the same Google account on your PC which you were using on the lost Android device. Also, you need to have the latest version of Google app installed on the device.
  • Now, just type the phrase “find my phone” in the Google search engine on your PC. Google displays a map as the response; the map attempts to pinpoint the location of your device. It also tells you the accurate distance that it is away from you.
  • What if you lose your device within your home itself? It is there in your home but you are not able to find it! In such a case, Google can ring up your device and you can track it by listening to the sound.
  • Just click on the link in the map which rings up the device. Clicking on it, your device starts to ring up in full volume for five minutes. You can find it easily by hearing to the sound. Once you find it, just press the power button to turn off ringing.

What will be the case of lost Tablets?

  • Will the feature be working for Tablets too? Yes, it does! You can not only use this feature on your mobile phones. You can use the find feature even to locate your lost tablets. It works the same way as it works for phones.
  • You can locate it using maps and you can click on the link to ring up the device if you have lost it somewhere near to you; your tablet starts to ring louder with full volume through which you can trace it out.

This is not the only way to track your Android device; you can also use Android device manager, which also works similar to this feature. Using Android device manager, you can also lock the lost device, reset the password or erase the data from your device remotely.  

We can see the similar feature (Find my iPhone) in Apple as well. Using the find option in iCloud account, you can easily track down your iPhone or ring it to know its exact location. Whether it’s an Android phone, table, iPad or iPhone, you have many options to trace it down when it goes hiding.

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