Top 8 Mobile Application Development Trends for 2015

19 September 2014

San Antonio: The mobile world continues to grow at augmented speeds while we become more reliant on smartphones in our everyday lives. Actually, now it’s difficult to visualize life before the cellphone. Owing to remarkable advancements mobile technology has made over the past 10 years, the industry is on for a great time in the coming years.

Four years ago, an article published in online MIT Technology Review expected the mobile application stores to become slowly extinct. But quite in contrary to that forecast, currently we have over 50 billion application on store downloads. As per the experts, this number is in fact going to increase very rapidly in the next couple of years, as the Smartphone savvy population is escalating, and with this boom in demand, the mobile application development technology is presently observing continuous and quick progression.

There is no uncertainty that mobile application technology will shortly have a very good time – at least for a couple of years in the future, and the trends in development will keep on progressing.

Here are 8 obvious trends, expected to come in prominence and how you can keep your business pertinent in 2015.

1. The General Remote of All Remotes

Some of us still keep in mind having to stay in front of the TV and turn channels while parents used to settle on what to watch. Later the remote controls were sold with every TV and stereo on the market. Presently, our homes have become smarter and many people manage their homes employing a smart phone.

In 2015, mobile applications will take the next level, becoming a general remote control for your life. Air conditioner controls and alarm systems are guiding the way, with cars and door locks to go behind soon. With financial, electronic, home and automotive data intensely imbedded in your home, the general remote is a usual extension. It not when, but is there anything your phone won’t be able to manage by 2020?

2. Mobile Websites Will be like Mobile Apps

For a moment let’s consider all the billion dollar mobile applications of the past few years. From snapchat, to uber, to Instagram it’s obvious that the next generation is possessed with mobile apps. As the remaining of us strives to sustain, we are finally modifying our customary websites to mobile websites.

In 2015 mobile websites will start to look like mobile apps more than usual websites, as mobile usage exceeds desktop usage. Companies will be required to take up a truly “mobile first” approach in their design and usability principles. An annoying mobile experience will be a showstopper in every consumer facing business and lots of B2B enterprises.

3. Feature Phones Finally Terminated

Smart phones are now inexpensive and sometimes cost no money out of pocket with the correct contract. As the trend persists, the dreaded feature phones will lastly be discontinued. In 2014, a Gartner survey discovered that smart phone sales finally exceeded those of feature phones.

The peak point was in 2013, and the increased trend is ongoing to soar upward into 2015. Do the correct thing and aid your users migrate to a smart phone, with brilliant apps and mobile features. The feature phones incidence in the market place is what has kept the desktop usage numbers so elevated in certain industries, and honestly has been holding back the remaining of us from explaining mobile first design.

4. Latest Standard for Mobile Processors

The iPhone 6 will have the quickest mobile processor ever as it has to match the demanding applications coming over the next few years. There is a novel standard for mobile processors, and this opens up the door for more probabilities in the development space. Entrepreneurs around the globe will be pushing the limits of what native mobile applications can do, getting them even closer to the field of competition with your usual desktop computer.

5. Apps Start Think For You

If you are not aware of IBM’s Watson, you must so some quick reading here. The ability of artificial intelligence is going to influence mobile applications in 2015, initially with smarter apps that think for you.

The ability of apps to forecast behavior and lessen manual work is amazing. We have begun to see some of this with fitness applications such as fitbit app, but that’s just the starting of smarter living and the consequence of artificial intelligence on mobile development. In the year 2015, apps will begin to foresee where you are going, what thoughts you are having and the types of information you might require. Imagine future applications less of a tool and more of an associate.

6. More In Store Mobile Tracking    

Consumers do not want to waste time searching for products! The home depot mobile app tells the location of the item in the store, and its price and accessibility. It just contends for time which we do not have in our busy schedule.   

Business owners have learnt that moving customers effectively boosts customer satisfaction. It also enhances the probability that you won’t visit a competitor for the same items currently, and for all your upcoming shopping needs. We are creatures of habit, as proved by current usage trends for mobile apps v/s web surfing.

7. Mobile as a Second Screen

The facts are amazing, 88% watch TC while making use of mobile device. In hotel rooms, flight, waiting rooms and on the beach children and adults pass time by watching their favorite television show. Mobile applications from Hulu and Netflix are killing the cable companies.

Much of the mobile consumption is restricted to areas with a Wi-Fi connection, and so for the most part people only utilizes items at home. As bandwidth cops are eradicated on mobile carriers and wifi becomes more widespread, the usage will increase into 2015 and further remove market share from companies that don’t comprehend the multiple screen society we are developing towards. 

8. Fingerprints in place of Passwords 

Do you actually like remembering passwords and pin numbers? Our brains are messed with words, letters and numbers that we have to keep in mind for the dozens of accounts we have on the web. Mobile apps in 2015 will again come to the rescue! As we embrace apps with more biometrics in our everyday lives, finger prints and other types of security will become common place.

If you are seeking a mobility partner to devise a mobility approach for Mobile Application Development services, please contact Fortune Innovations San Antonio. Our consultant will get in touch with you to detail our case studies and to build your idea or business necessities to an innovative mobile app.

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