Most Significant Predictions of Enterprise App Developers for the Year 2015

3 February 2015

San Antonio: Mobile applications continue to explode as the trend of enterprise app development is in peaks. With the extensive usage of tablets and smartphones, businesses have got many ways to reach the customers easily. Today, the businesses no longer have to engage with lengthy app developer programs, as they are able to create new business and customer apps with just a few clicks. Having some new and easy-to-use app development platforms available in the market, the enterprise app developers predict the trends which would emerge in 2015. 

App development will be made in-house:

They say that 2015 will be the year in which the enterprises take up app development process in-house. This improves business innovation, reduces app development cost and also helps in increasing the revenue. The ability to personalize and utilize the apps would increase the adoption. The year 2015, offers both promise and hazards for enterprise software developers. This is something that you say every year and almost every month. The pressure on IOT and mobile developers to go native would grow higher because of the separating eco systems of Apple, Google and also Microsoft to a lesser extent.

Enterprises will embrace native applications:

Emphasis on serving mobile users will be pretty more this year and it’s also being said that 2015 will be the year of enterprise mobile applications. Till now, the apps which are created for enterprise use were just having mobile skin. But now in this year, enterprises are planning to develop new native apps which utilize the form factor and features of a mobile wholly. This creates the perfect and streamlined business processes.  

The rise of app stores:

Many organizations continue to adopt enterprise app stores because of which the utility of self-service stores are expanding beyond that of providing access to the company apps. Developers say that app store is an ideal environment for consolidating separately managed systems like desktop and mobile app management. App stores can also be used to enable proactive license management by tagging app requests to the already existing license optimization processes. This lets employees to pair up with IT to manage app usage, reclaim unused apps and minimize waste.

Plugging into mobile devices becomes more complicated:

Whether it might be the smart watches, vehicle integration or home automation, the main challenge for developers will be to plug into the mobile devices and eco systems of connected products which are designed to work with them without the need of writing same functions for multiple code bases. We can already see a fair amount of dread in the JavaScript space. But if the adoption of dynamic scripters grows, the framework pain in the JavaScript space would worsen even more.

So basically the enterprise developers are expecting the mobile apps development to be as simple as the development of PowerPoint presentation in the year 2015.

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