Incorporate Blog with Magento Store

1 July 2013


San Antonio: Magento is truly said to be the best online eCommerce software because of its outstanding features, flexibility, brilliant functionality, scalability and for the control it gives over online e-stores by merchants. Using Magento for creating e-shops is like getting every attribute of eCommerce under one roof. Magento is gaining fame day by day as it easily settles itself with the fluctuations in user requirements and supports multi store setups.

The prime aspect of every business is that their marketing policies retain their customers and hence sales. One of the ways by which you can boost traffic on your Magento Store, making your online trade booming and cost-effective is by incorporating a web blog with your Magento Store. Blogging is considered to be a revolutionary and novel way to do online marketing, improving the brand value of online stores. Web blog serves the purpose of providing a place where the business merchants can endorse their products, interact with their potential customers, inform the buyers about the profits of the products, can display newly launched products, can provide profitable images of the products which may influence the visitors to procure the products etc. Magento lets you to seamlessly integrate a blog with your Magento store and then you can learn how well it works for you.

Benefits of integrating a blog with Online Magento Shop:

  1. A blog for an e-commerce Magento website is a harbinger of unique and profitable opportunities in the form of having options for discussions which add value to the business.
  2. Feedbacks received from customers can aid you improve your store and build up customer relationship, trust, reliability and loyalty. Customers’ query can be solved in an efficient manner.
  3. You can advertise your store at no cost using blogs and Post press releases on your blog which is an excellent way to online marketing!
  4. Blogs help increase web traffic, conversion rates and outcomes in improved search engine ranking.
  5. You can display appealing facts & advantages of using your products. You can guide your visitors how to use your products so that they get the optimum results.
  6. Exciting offers and promotions can be displayed on your blog so that the customers get tempted and your sales increases.


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