Developers Need to Get on the Mobile Moments that Define Future App Usage

22 May 2015

San Antonio: The future of app development is something more than just adapting to the smaller screens, new operating systems and different programming languages. If the developers want to build new modern apps that render awesome user experiences, they need to analyze how people are using apps instead of giving them some unwanted stuffs. There are some people who go with too many appetizers even if it is too much for their body. We can relate the same thing with the app development. Sometimes the developers give users a mobile which is equivalent to too many appetizers instead of providing them an awesome experience that brings them fun and productivity.

Developers may present users with a series of notifications for which the users are expected to respond. Sometimes they are also presented with some sponsored contents, mobile ads which they need to click on before getting into the main menu. Developers are not to be blamed for this because they do all this to keep the user engaged and to know more about them. But it seems to be very funny when the large businesses that are relatively new to mobile try to teach themselves on how to back off a little.

Stop bombarding users and get on mobile moments

Many app research companies have been offering valuable guidelines in its reports that instead of bombarding their customers, they can choose to look for the mobile moments. Mobile device has become the most essential thing these days and the people want it to be with them all the time. So the mobile moments (getting information right on the spot by pulling out a mobile device) can be the most important thing to provide an awesome consumer experience.

Recently a market research company broke the information on mobile moments further, and suggested companies to look for the micro moments that focus on much briefer interactions. Micro moments are best instead of a mobile game with which the consumer is engaged with for half an hour. All that you might get is a handful of seconds but nothing else. 

Identify the micro moments

Developers need to start using these micro moments and also must start identifying such moments which engages the users often. After identifying, they can start designing the content or the feature as per the needs of the users.

Sometimes this could also make the app development a bit complicated; but it could also be necessary as more and more brands enter this space and the form factors become partially embedded onto the developers. So even if the app market is growing huge, the developers who survive will be those who identify the app experience.

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