Apple’s New Patent Discloses the Concept of Waterproof iPhones

20 March 2015

San Antonio: A new patent application filed by Apple has unveiled that the company is seriously involved in researching new methods for waterproofing its phones. This new patent may lead to the evolution of Apple devices; i.e. the iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches are getting waterproofed. This waterproofing patent outlines the methods of wrapping up the electronic components from moisture. It includes the process of coating the most sensitive components using vapor deposition technology and also protecting the solder leads with silicon seals.

The patent which was published recently says that, there are many electronic components which are susceptible to water damages. Because they are not completely sealed; but has several openings for inputting/outputting audio, connecting peripherals and also for charging. It also describes a method of hydrophobic coating to the device’s PCB (printed circuit board) using plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition process (PACVD). 

PACVD process:

PACVD process charges the surface of the substrate to connect the coating to the charged surface. Then, the plasma settles down and gives adherence to the component while providing a robust, corrosion resistant and water resistant seal for the component. This new technology would allow Apple devices to be safe from water and moisture without even sacrificing the design.

Recently Apple’s CEO had revealed that the Apple Watch will be splash resistant and can be worn even in the shower. Apple already has many rivals regarding this waterproofing technology. Few companies have already launched many water-resistant devices. Hence the feature must be really strong enough to match up to the people’s expectation. So then, they can survive with the rivals who already have this feature.

Technology used behind water resistance:

In the patent report, the Patent and Trademark office of US has granted the manufacturers to indulge a feature that helps in battling against moisture and water. This technology requires the coating of internal parts with water repellent material; the coating must be as thin as a micron. Such thin coating can be done by placing the component in chamber filled with fluoropolymer gas. Later, voltage will be applied; this turns the gas into plasma which sticks to the component after some time. 

While the technology is promising, the obstacles are not to be forgotten. Apple would even face a lot of obstacles along the way. But it’s pretty sure that Apple would make its way to enable the technology. Once the technology gets into the specifications of iPhone, Apple might also use it for iPads and MacBooks as well.

However the users are eagerly waiting for the release of iPhone 7, especially to experience the water resistant feature and some other new specifications. Most probably the device gets released in the September 2015 and the rumors on the new features could make the line up even better.

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