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Magento is an open source eCommerce tool with administration and supervision interface capability in patterns, style, themes and colors on online web content. It has features of marketing, SEO and catalogue management tools. Magento has advanced features which enable you to change the functionality and design of your web content based on your requirement. Magento also has theming feature which enables to create new themes, customizing, modifying and updating the existing themes etc.

Fortune Innovations offer services to our clients based in San Antonio and across US which includes eCommerce magneto web design, development and consulting services. We have flexibility to change to look and design of your website as per your requirement. Our unique approach helps you enhance your business. We follow established industry analytics and inculcate latest design and modern technologies to help you achieve extraordinary result. We have active team of Magneto designers and developers who keep themselves updated with latest technology and design. Our Magento developers are well experienced in Magento and provide you with complete customized solution with unique features.

eCommerce Magento Custom Development Services

We provide various services to our clients, which includes design, development, programming, payment gateway integration and customization of Magento eCommerce platform. We can offer you the best solution in Magento custom development that can enhance your business. Some of our custom development services include:

  • eCommerce Magento design & development
  • Customized Magento themes design & integration
  • Magento themes development based on existing design
  • Website / Online store development using Magento
  • Hire Magento designer / Hire Magento programmer
  • SEO for online store using Magento
  • Payment gateway integration

Magento eCommerce features

  • International Support: Magento is an open source global platform. It supports multi language and multiple currencies option to meet the requirement of client across the globe
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It is 100% SEO friendly and gives full control of URLs
  • Order Management: You can view, edit, create and complete orders from admin panel
  • Site Management: Magento controls multiple websites from single administration panel and has the ability to share information. You can create a complete customized design using templates
  • Analytics and Reporting: Magento is integrated with Google Analytics with admin dashboard for report overview. It helps to create sales report, tax report and RSS feed for new orders and new tags
  • Strong Data Encryption: Magento offers fully secured solutions through its strong encryption and security standards

Vitality Of Magento's reconsideration:

Magento reconsidered and checked the proposed alterations with the latest versions of Magento Enterprise version, Magento Community version, and Magento Go. Founded on this work, we don’t anticipate Magento merchants to know-how any matters with the API revise.
Magento Platinum commerce Partner WebShopApps conducted their own tests of Magento Community version type 1.4 to 1.8 and Magento Enterprise version type 1.7 through 1.13 against this change. WebShop Apps resolved that “based on this study, we anticipate there will no interruption of service to USPS users on Magento.” Additional minutia of their outcome can be discovered on the WebShopApps blog.While the API alterations won’t disturb living services, they will endow a before announced cost boost and alterations to some of the services suggested. As WebShopApps notes, prominent alterations include:
Benchmark Post service has been removed for zones 1 – 4, for both rates and marks. Customers who rely on this shipping method should ensure this will not have any contradictory repercussions. 



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