5 Abilities That the Users Are Eager To See in HTML6

HTML has already proved to be an amazing web development platform which offered developers a vast room to spread their wings. HTML5 having few elements like <header>, <menu>, <nav>, <menuitem> and so on, has given a whole new dimension for developers to get into their job of building web apps of highest order.  If you think that HTML would take some time before it swings something, you are right. Though HTML6 has not been launched yet, but the expectations on it are really high. Users want it to do a lot more than HTML 5.

Here are a few things that the users want to have in HTML6:

  1. More control over the video object: It would be great if you have a very good control over the video frames on the page. The present version fills a rectangle with a series of frames from a video and provides us the control over the text track subtitles, annotations and lot more. Some designers use this to synchronize the annotations with other DOM objects. But it would be very good if we are able to mix DOM with video.
  2. Browser-sizing of imagery: Normally, clarity of a picture depends on the pixels and also on the size of the window (mobile, desktop or laptop). Window size also changes the resolution of the picture. But the standard <img> tags get one SRC which points to an image file that might have too many or very few pixels to render a perfect image. If it has too many pixels, the browser has to downgrade the image to display it. It would be too good if HTML6 protocol will be able to suggest the desired height or width for the image; so that the server can render the optimal resolution.
  3. Pluggable languages: Pluggable set of languages offer wide range of design choices and flexibility for the developers. If the developers use solid open source implementation, it could be embraced by all the browsers. It might be hard to find websites using pluggable languages, but it’s certainly a good option for some specialized extensions which use special language.
  4. Camera integration: Today in the world of web cameras and cell phone cameras, it’s very uncommon that a user interacts with a browser that has no camera or microphone integrated with it. W3C is already digging a way to add images or videos to forms and also some browsers support their own versions like webkitGetUserMedia. So the form elements will also be able to access the images stored in the device so that the device could offer a good control of camera and the rate of capture.
  5. Hardened authentication: Hard and fast authentication could offer a bit more in web development; but the browser can do a lot more than it does. Rather than cookies, the browser could offer sign tokens with embedded keys which could be stored in hardened chips in order to prevent it from people extracting the secret key.

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