3 Easy Steps to Make WordPress Images Responsive

Today, WordPress has been the most popular and powerful content management system because of its useful features. Designing a responsive theme and integrating it is pretty easy if you just know the basics of theming. Creating responsive images is not something out-of-the-box task for WordPress; you can try generating the image size manually and type the image tag manually in the HTML editor. This is not only time consuming, but also could be an issue for admin users if they are not HTML literates.

Fortunately, there is a way to make the process easier in WordPress. This versatile platform can generate all the image sizes from a single upload. Later, with the plugin, it implements the image tag and srcset attributes anywhere the author chooses to insert an image.

Below mentioned are the steps to make the WordPress images responsive:

  1. Edit functions.php file: Whenever you upload an image, WordPress saves it in the native size and generates 3 resized copies in the standard sizes (Thumbnail, Medium and Large sizes). This is certainly a powerful feature as can be customized to any image size. It just means that you don’t have to make multiple copies of the images in different sizes; if you upload a single image, WordPress creates the resized copies. It’s done by editing the functions.php file. In order to add new images, you just have to add calls to add_image_size function. E.g. add_image_size( 'sml_size', 300 );
  2. Install RICG responsive images plugin: You need to install a new plugin for the WordPress to output all the image sizes; i.e. the RICG Responsive Images plugin. Once you install and activate the plugin, the image sizes will be included in the image tag through srcset attribute. The RICG plugin also includes Picturefill.js which is a responsive image polyfill. It adds support to the picture element as well as the new responsive attributes to the img element. This along with the srcset attributes makes your image on the website responsive.
  3. Install plugin to re-generate image sizes: Install Regenerate Thumbnail plugin and it goes through all the image attachments and regenerates the new image sizes based on the new ones created in the functions.php file. It actually saves a lot of time as it happens with just a click of the button. Once the plugin is installed, go to tools and then to ‘regen’. Then click ‘regenerate all thumbnails’ button. You will see a status bar showing how many pages have been resized. After all these, the images on your website will be outputted correctly via srcset attribute.

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